The End

I have learned many things from taking this course, how to get more organized, how to break out of your shell and get to know other people, I learned how to do cold calls with people and not be scared to do it. taking this class really helped me decide on what major i wanted to do, this class molded me into the hard-worker i am now. i took away a lot of things from this class that I don’t think I would have if  I had not entered  this course.

My lesson learned will be that I cant wait until the last minute to do things anymore, I have to make time to get all of the tasks that i have to do done in a timely matter. My other lesson I learned was that you cant be scared to go out and get things, you have to break out of your shell sometimes to get things done. I have grown  a lot from this course I maid new friends, I learned how to work with people better than before. I learned that in order to get anything solved that you have to be willing to speak up and say what is on your mind and be willing to compromise. The major I have in mind is Early Childhood- 6th Grade Teaching. I plan to get a bachelors in it and teach Pre-K Students, and live in the country with family after I get a job.



Amber’s Prezi Response

In amblers prezzie I learned a lot about about STD’S and two of them I didn’t even know existed like Trichomoniasis and Mollusc-um Contagiosum. It was a real eye opener and i felt informed about a lot of ways to catch it and ways to prevent it. I like how she had everything organized and the way it flowed; the videos maid watching it easier because they were funny and were able to keep my interest the whole time. She gave you reasons why you should wait like it make you happier, no stds, makes a relationship better, and saves you the emotional stress. It was the real deal about what sex does and the things you can get when your not being safe, there was no sugar coating anything.I liked that she talked about how some people use the pill as there protection against pregnancy but forget about using a condom to be safe. The most informing was the high risks of having multiple partners and that most people that are having sex have multiple partners was really informing she broke it down to tell you about how you should either wait or be more casuist about who you do have sex with and make sure you are protected. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean its not there.

Groups and Teams

When I am in a group or team i like to be very organized and make sure that everything is in order. I dont really care to be in charge I really just like doing the background work and putting things together at the end to make everything flow. In a group I think that everyone should have a chance to shine and contribute to the task at hand no matter what it is they are doing in the end it all helps when it come to meeting the status.My strongest point in a group would be to do things that involves us thinking outside of the box; being creative its a challenge and I know that that is my best quality when it comes to helping all of benifiting. I think that me and my group work great together we push eachother to get things done and not slack off, we make sure everything is done in a timely matter so we can have a strong and clean finish. We meet up to discuss game plans and how we are going to lay everything out so that we get the quality results that we want, we discuss the days that we are going to have evrything done, meeting to see what everyone has and then putting our work together to flow as one unit. I would have to say that i have a dedicated and determined group that when givin a task is ready to do what they have to do in order to get the job done.The fact that its a group grade makes you want to work even harder beacuse you know you all are getting the same thing at the end so you might as well push eachother to do their best to get the best.


Diversity is a strong word for me and I believe  it can mean alot of things. To me diversity is the meaning of someone being different and unique in there own special way that maybe no one else can relate to; they respect that they are not like them and dont  judge them or change them because of how different they are. Diverse people are not like other people but in a good way. Diversity can make you stand out in a good or a bad way; positive way for you to be diverse is like saying everyone you hangout with likes to do nothing but sit around and play video games all day,everyday  and drink beer. You on the other hand like to go out and do things like explore the world and see new things and what they are all about. your friends may say that is weird or that they wouldnt like doing that but they dont stop being friends with you because of that they respect more in a sense.That is what makes you diverse because you are different from others you stand out in a way that draws people to you with out even trying to catch anyones attention. A negative way to be diverse is like saying you couldnt be friends with a certain person because they wont do as you do follow how you act. Thats a negative way to be diverse you may think what you do is cool but maybe not everyone wants to do what you do and not excepting them kills the whole reason for being differnt. Diversity is a beautiful thing no matter if its race, religion, morals, etc just knowing that you are different from everyone else and that they cant be you no matter how hard they try because only you can be the truth is really cool. On some aspects diversity can be a group thing; you all share the same interest and beliefs, morals it doesnt matter you still are different as a unit because you all except eachother as they are so its like a strong bond that cant be broken. In high school I was consitered to be weird because you would never see me at lunch I played in the  band, I played sports that people thought just wasnt for me. Because I dared to be different from the rest I dressed differnt, I acted different, and I enyojed things people thought where weird. Being diverse was just me I didnt want to do what all the other kids were doing because no one would see my real colors I would just be like everyone else.

Did You Know?


In the video did you know it told us all about the things tht at we didn’t know and things that were predicted to happen in the future. I was shocked seeing all the things that are happening like how india has more honors students then america has kids, for  every one million person there is one thousand three hundred people just like you. I thought was so weird and would have never guessed that. Knowing that people are preparing us for jobs that don’t yet exist and new technology that hasn’t even been thought of. The things I saw on the video blew my mind I’m just trying to figure out how we can do this is they are not even in existence I was confused but also got some knowledge out of it. I thought people kept jobs longer, but in reality people change jobs a lot more than I expected. Seeing all this made me think about what might happen in my future and how it will affect me because so much has happened with social media and technology that you don’t know what to exspect. My questions are how do they use stuff that hasn’t been created yet and hw hat maid them think of it. Why is there so many honor students in India.

Response to Jeff’s Stress Video


in Jeffs video aboout stress I learned a great deal of things that i  might not have even thought of on my own about dealing with stress. I like how he had everything set up and picked a video that got to the main problems in stress and how you can solve them. I learned nine ways to release stress, the ones I thought were helpful were exercising, walking, breathing in and out for a while and writing a letter to the person or about what is stressing you out but not to sending it; that way you can get what you have to say and get it off your mind with out having to do something you might regret because you are stressing. I also liked the idea to talk to someone close to you about your problem ,you dont have to get advice but just talking about it will help get it out your mind so you can move on fom it. In the other video i learned that trying to thinking positive about the thing that is stressing you out can help beacause it  is all about how you react to the problem because the problem doesnt cause you stress unless you let it , you have control on how you react to it. I found the information helpful like knowing the things that can make you feel better like being around happy people and laughing makes you happy, eating well and cutting back on your junk food makes you healthier and happier. I was taught that it is really a mind thing and shown several examples on different things that people had to deal with and how they dealt with them. The one’s that did other things like stayed involved and did other things outside of work deal with the situation better than those who just sat around thinking negative.


A relationship is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected. When it comes to relationships there are different types. The types that we will be discussing are relationships between family, friends, and partners. Throughout this lesson we will discuss situations and the conflicts that happen in each type of relationship. So be prepared to reflect what you’ve learned and lets get started!

First type of relationship: Family

“The Family is one of natures’s masterpieces” – George Santayana

In this video we see the perfect example of Family conflict. Mother passes away which makes Marlin, the father, overly protective. This causes Nemo to rebel because he feels as though his father is not giving him enough freedom.

After being reunited with Marlin, Nemo realized why his father was protective of him andhe came to appreciate him more. From this experience came a new understanding for them.

Second type of situation: Friends

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow just walk beside me and be my friend.” – Albert Camus

This situation deals with setting aside differences in order to get the job done. In this clip, Quasi and Phoebus are on a mission to save Esmerelda. Phoebus is expecting Quasi to go against his master in order to save her, but Quasi feels the exact opposite which causes a conflict.

After Phoebus left, Quasi realized that he was right and that he should return the favor.

After they rescued Esmerelda, they realized that they shouldn’t let little things come in the way of their friendship.

Third type of situation: Romance

“Do I love you because you’re beautiful or are you beautiful because I love you?” -Richard Rodgers, Rodgers & Hammersteins Cinderella

In this scene, Cinderella and her Prince Charming meet for the first time and neither one knows each other’s background. So when she finds that he’s a prince she doesn’t want to continue talking to him because she’s feels that she is not worthy enough, given her situation of being a peasant. This complicates things.

After he found her shoe he was determined to find her. So he searched and searched until he found her and explained to her that he doesn’t care about her background, he cares about her.


From each of these stories, what was the overall outcome?

Which one can you relate to the most?

How would you handle these situations?

What have you learned throughout this lesson that can help better your own relationships?