Wanda Seaton



I woul like to …


I woul like to interview some dancers or choreograghers and ask them about their jobs and what they did to get there position,also how long it took them to succeed and if they like them. i want to know how hard it is and what it takes to be in there position. i want to know how they grew up and what inspired them to be a dancer and how long they have been dancing. i would also like to know what kinds of dances do they know besides hiphop. i want to know was it difficult learning routines and if so how did they get threw it.

 I want to wri…


 I want to write a song for a famous singer because i think that it would be so cool to hear a song i wrote on the radio.i also want to record a song to make use of my talent and always have it as a memory. i have always wanted to be on American  Idol, i have always loved that show and i love to sing.I want to learn how to braid hair and do weave so when i go to hair school i will be ahead. I want to become a great hair stylest because i love to do hair. i have always wanted to be in a dance movie like step it up, i just love to express my self and they do that well on the movies. another one is that i want to graduate withn a 4.0 because that was my goal in high school. i want to walk the red carpet , it jus seem so cool id feel like a real star if i ever walked on it. my last 2 are that i want to get married and have a child, it would make my bucket of dreams complete