My Elevator Pitch


Learning Center

Today in learning center i learned all about time management and how to learn the word no for some things that can wait instead of putting things aside to do what you think you should do instead of getting the important things out of the way first and then doing some fun things.I was showed some of the things that was schocking to me that i didnt even realize i was doing like laying in bed and doing home work, and trying to do more than one thing at time.I learned that the worst place to study is in bed because your brain triggers you to feel sleepy because thats what you do in that area every night so if you keep doing that then you will mess up your sleep system.I also learned that you should set a time  for when you go to sleep every night and stick to it.The best thing i learnede was that you should go to areas that resemble your testing area to study because it helps you focus more and makes your brain get in testing mode.I was told  to find my strongest part of the day when im most energized to do my work and to do my hard work then because your be more motivated to get it done so by the time you loose the spark you can finish by doing the work you enjoy.This class was very helpful to me for managing my school work and time for myself.

Strong and MBTI

In my strong interest inventory, my letters were A(Artistic), R(Realistic),
and S(Social). These are very true about me and and they blind well with my results from MBTI test. My top five interest areas were Performing Arts, Athletics, Visual Arts, Military, and Religion&Spirituality. The last two  Military and Religion&Spirituality were the only ones I felt didn’t really match me because i am not in the military nor interested and Religion&Spirituality are something i believe in but wouldn’t look into doing anything further in it. On my top ten on Strong there was only three I agreed with that fit me and those were, Artist, Cosmetology, and Musician these fit me because I like music a lot and always am trying new ways to learn it , I like to write music a lot so it fit well wit the artistic aspect of artist and i love doing hair and nails and trying new styles so that fit perfectly with cosmetology. My personal style test was right on point about my preferences and likes. This test gave me an out look on all the possibilities and things to look into. I have  what I might be interested in and can look into them more and find more information on what I need to do to get on that path if I want to pursue one of them. This test was very helpful for me and has given me a lot to choose from and it really helped narrow down my interest to the one i find most interesting and would have a lot of fun doing if I ever got a degree in them.

Response to MBTI


I did not try and guess my mbti. I think that my mbti results are correct in all of the areas. Reviewing my results showed a lot of things that i might consider doing. I feel like it really matches me and my courier path that i am still forming and molding.On my results for judging I received a score of twenty-six; it said it was very  clear. I didn’t have any of my mbti read slight, I received a fifteen on sensing which is moderate,  a fourteen on introversion which is moderate also and I received a nineteen in feelings which is clear. I agree with some of my work tasks like providing practical help to others, organizing people to accomplish a goal and serving the needs of others. On my preferred work environment I felt like I could agree with creates a sense of belonging, has coworkers who care about and support one another; as something that i want in a job. the results I got back for my challenges were head on about me and some of the problems I have challenges with. I learned something after reading the job rankings,most are happy doing things like health, science, education, food and building. For me i would have to say it would be in food and building or education. The one I chose was in the least attractive jobs. I didn’t really like the options I saw in the least popular,nun of them really fit me. The only one I liked in the most popular jobs was the hotel/motel clerk.