Response to Jeff’s Stress Video

in Jeffs video aboout stress I learned a great deal of things that i  might not have even thought of on my own about dealing with stress. I like how he had everything set up and picked a video that got to the main problems in stress and how you can solve them. I learned nine ways to release stress, the ones I thought were helpful were exercising, walking, breathing in and out for a while and writing a letter to the person or about what is stressing you out but not to sending it; that way you can get what you have to say and get it off your mind with out having to do something you might regret because you are stressing. I also liked the idea to talk to someone close to you about your problem ,you dont have to get advice but just talking about it will help get it out your mind so you can move on fom it. In the other video i learned that trying to thinking positive about the thing that is stressing you out can help beacause it  is all about how you react to the problem because the problem doesnt cause you stress unless you let it , you have control on how you react to it. I found the information helpful like knowing the things that can make you feel better like being around happy people and laughing makes you happy, eating well and cutting back on your junk food makes you healthier and happier. I was taught that it is really a mind thing and shown several examples on different things that people had to deal with and how they dealt with them. The one’s that did other things like stayed involved and did other things outside of work deal with the situation better than those who just sat around thinking negative.


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