Did You Know?

In the video did you know it told us all about the things tht at we didn’t know and things that were predicted to happen in the future. I was shocked seeing all the things that are happening like how india has more honors students then america has kids, for  every one million person there is one thousand three hundred people just like you. I thought was so weird and would have never guessed that. Knowing that people are preparing us for jobs that don’t yet exist and new technology that hasn’t even been thought of. The things I saw on the video blew my mind I’m just trying to figure out how we can do this is they are not even in existence I was confused but also got some knowledge out of it. I thought people kept jobs longer, but in reality people change jobs a lot more than I expected. Seeing all this made me think about what might happen in my future and how it will affect me because so much has happened with social media and technology that you don’t know what to exspect. My questions are how do they use stuff that hasn’t been created yet and hw hat maid them think of it. Why is there so many honor students in India.


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