Diversity is a strong word for me and I believe  it can mean alot of things. To me diversity is the meaning of someone being different and unique in there own special way that maybe no one else can relate to; they respect that they are not like them and dont  judge them or change them because of how different they are. Diverse people are not like other people but in a good way. Diversity can make you stand out in a good or a bad way; positive way for you to be diverse is like saying everyone you hangout with likes to do nothing but sit around and play video games all day,everyday  and drink beer. You on the other hand like to go out and do things like explore the world and see new things and what they are all about. your friends may say that is weird or that they wouldnt like doing that but they dont stop being friends with you because of that they respect more in a sense.That is what makes you diverse because you are different from others you stand out in a way that draws people to you with out even trying to catch anyones attention. A negative way to be diverse is like saying you couldnt be friends with a certain person because they wont do as you do follow how you act. Thats a negative way to be diverse you may think what you do is cool but maybe not everyone wants to do what you do and not excepting them kills the whole reason for being differnt. Diversity is a beautiful thing no matter if its race, religion, morals, etc just knowing that you are different from everyone else and that they cant be you no matter how hard they try because only you can be the truth is really cool. On some aspects diversity can be a group thing; you all share the same interest and beliefs, morals it doesnt matter you still are different as a unit because you all except eachother as they are so its like a strong bond that cant be broken. In high school I was consitered to be weird because you would never see me at lunch I played in the  band, I played sports that people thought just wasnt for me. Because I dared to be different from the rest I dressed differnt, I acted different, and I enyojed things people thought where weird. Being diverse was just me I didnt want to do what all the other kids were doing because no one would see my real colors I would just be like everyone else.


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