Groups and Teams

When I am in a group or team i like to be very organized and make sure that everything is in order. I dont really care to be in charge I really just like doing the background work and putting things together at the end to make everything flow. In a group I think that everyone should have a chance to shine and contribute to the task at hand no matter what it is they are doing in the end it all helps when it come to meeting the status.My strongest point in a group would be to do things that involves us thinking outside of the box; being creative its a challenge and I know that that is my best quality when it comes to helping all of benifiting. I think that me and my group work great together we push eachother to get things done and not slack off, we make sure everything is done in a timely matter so we can have a strong and clean finish. We meet up to discuss game plans and how we are going to lay everything out so that we get the quality results that we want, we discuss the days that we are going to have evrything done, meeting to see what everyone has and then putting our work together to flow as one unit. I would have to say that i have a dedicated and determined group that when givin a task is ready to do what they have to do in order to get the job done.The fact that its a group grade makes you want to work even harder beacuse you know you all are getting the same thing at the end so you might as well push eachother to do their best to get the best.


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