Amber’s Prezi Response

In amblers prezzie I learned a lot about about STD’S and two of them I didn’t even know existed like Trichomoniasis and Mollusc-um Contagiosum. It was a real eye opener and i felt informed about a lot of ways to catch it and ways to prevent it. I like how she had everything organized and the way it flowed; the videos maid watching it easier because they were funny and were able to keep my interest the whole time. She gave you reasons why you should wait like it make you happier, no stds, makes a relationship better, and saves you the emotional stress. It was the real deal about what sex does and the things you can get when your not being safe, there was no sugar coating anything.I liked that she talked about how some people use the pill as there protection against pregnancy but forget about using a condom to be safe. The most informing was the high risks of having multiple partners and that most people that are having sex have multiple partners was really informing she broke it down to tell you about how you should either wait or be more casuist about who you do have sex with and make sure you are protected. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean its not there.


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