The End

I have learned many things from taking this course, how to get more organized, how to break out of your shell and get to know other people, I learned how to do cold calls with people and not be scared to do it. taking this class really helped me decide on what major i wanted to do, this class molded me into the hard-worker i am now. i took away a lot of things from this class that I don’t think I would have if  I had not entered  this course.

My lesson learned will be that I cant wait until the last minute to do things anymore, I have to make time to get all of the tasks that i have to do done in a timely matter. My other lesson I learned was that you cant be scared to go out and get things, you have to break out of your shell sometimes to get things done. I have grown  a lot from this course I maid new friends, I learned how to work with people better than before. I learned that in order to get anything solved that you have to be willing to speak up and say what is on your mind and be willing to compromise. The major I have in mind is Early Childhood- 6th Grade Teaching. I plan to get a bachelors in it and teach Pre-K Students, and live in the country with family after I get a job.



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