Power Pose

When i first strated working at sonic in high school everyone thought i was the meanest thing and i didnt know why. one day my manager told me he was getting complaints from the other co-workers saying that i was always looking mean and didnt ever say anything. I didnt even notice that i looked mad when i came in everyday and im always quiet until i know people better. usually on my break i would eat outside and then come in and stand in the back with my hands crossed till i had to clock back in, to everyone else i seemed like i had a problem but for me that was just how i stood nothing agaisnt any one. I had to look at it in their veiw to understand why they felt they couldnt aproach me for anything. I use to wonder why days where getting cut and after asking people what they thought i then realized why. After i changed the way i came in and stood when i wasnt doing anything i began to see a difference in how people treated me and they were more open to coming to me.


Money Management

I really learned a lot in our last class about money management.I now know were to go if i need help with finding out how much a job could possibly pay; what i would have to do in the future to get where I want to be in life to make a certain amount of money.Some of the things that i had on my cant live without list like Money, Cell Phone,Laptop,Cloths and Glasses were things I thought I really needed because i wasn’t thinking about long term just about things that I like, and then she said we where going to be on a island it maid me think about what i didn’t put.After hearing everyone else it maid me think about where my money is going and if I was spending it in the right places. Being on your own makes you think about all the money you have and the things you need instead of the things you want. I learned that if you want something that you should save up for it or put a certain amount of money aside for it. We played a games that some what showed where are money is going over time and if they are really that important.It really helped me because I know where i can go to get help with finances for the present and how to manage my money in the future.
i would attend the make your refund last and deals for steals if I needed help in the future.

Learning Center

Today in learning center i learned all about time management and how to learn the word no for some things that can wait instead of putting things aside to do what you think you should do instead of getting the important things out of the way first and then doing some fun things.I was showed some of the things that was schocking to me that i didnt even realize i was doing like laying in bed and doing home work, and trying to do more than one thing at time.I learned that the worst place to study is in bed because your brain triggers you to feel sleepy because thats what you do in that area every night so if you keep doing that then you will mess up your sleep system.I also learned that you should set a time  for when you go to sleep every night and stick to it.The best thing i learnede was that you should go to areas that resemble your testing area to study because it helps you focus more and makes your brain get in testing mode.I was told  to find my strongest part of the day when im most energized to do my work and to do my hard work then because your be more motivated to get it done so by the time you loose the spark you can finish by doing the work you enjoy.This class was very helpful to me for managing my school work and time for myself.